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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You Know I Just Had to Get My Hands on One

Not a lot of time to blog today. We're in the hotel lobby getting ready to leave back to Dublin. Here are just a couple of pics from yesterrday. We have tons of pics of The Ring of Kerry but really no picture can do it justice. I had not really looked forward to seeing the Ring of Kerry because I had never seen a picture that looked all that ipressive to me ... now I know why ... film can't capture the beauty there. Here is a pic of a beach where we stopped along the RoK for coffee and some of the baby sheep and goats we saw. It figures Brian would get the lamb and me the goat. Oh well, the goat was much sweeter than the lamb. It was only 1 week old and the lamb 3 weeks.


Bolahging... bokay? said...

What'd you guys do????
Apparently you made the Prime minister resign!

See here:

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and may have just discovered my dream house by the beach!! No, it wasn't Bono's - it was the pretty white one down by the rocky jetty. Brian, did the lamb survive being throttled by the neck? I guess history repeats itself, for Jen carrying me, and me for carrying you by the neck when we were little....Love, Kath

Barbara - Layla said...

I just love you guys. A picture says a thousand words and these pics of you and the lamb say so much.