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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Things have been a bit crazy at our house lately. I'm juggling 3 different projects: Logan's graduation, the final prep for the Pine Ridge trip, and then as soon as we are home from that we have Rezonate '08. I keep thinking that I'm forgetting something. Normally by this time my dining room is full of boxes - so much so that I can barely get into the dining room. There are only a few in there now, which makes me feel like I'm overlooking ... something. I've no idea what. I think I feel that way because most of the boxes are in Cody's old room this year. So I think I'm OK.

I am looking forward to summer being over so I can breath again. Every day I wake up to a long "to do" list and I almost never make it through the list. I'm tired and the real work hasn't even began.

Speaking of Cody, he has now graduated from Miami University! I forget to mention that because he no longer lives at home and because he isn't going to his graduation and didn't want a party - he's just happy to be "done". He is doing an internship with Campus Crusade and is busy working 40 hours a week with that. This summer he is raising support and in the fall he'll be working on campus at UC. He and Allison are doing great - even though they gave me a shock the other day when they asked me what I thought of the name "Alysa". They assure me that they're ONLY talking names at this point, but I got a little excited there for a second. BTW, the pic is of Cody speaking at our church last week. Looks a bit like his dad, eh?

Taser has hurt her leg or hip. We're not sure what happened, whether its an injury or whether its the common hip problems that GSD's have. Since it came on suddenly, I'm betting its an injury. She was so tense (afraid) at the vets yesterday that her tight muscles kept her him joint in place and prevented the vet from being able to examine her properly so we're trying an anti-inflammatory for a few weeks to see if that helps. She is just not Taser. She can't run and play anymore and it breaks my heart.

Got a message on Youtube from somebody on the Rez. I have no idea who they are but they called me by name and are from "Atown" and they call themselves the Thugging Queen. Atown is what the teens call the village we go to. Its that gangsta thing they have out there. I always tell people its like going to the inner city without the city. They obviously know me, but a lot of the kids there do so that gives me no clue. Now I'm going to wonder....

I've got to go work on a bathroom duty schedule for the trip. The schedule is a nightmare. I hate doing it. So many people and so many factors to consider and I always overlook something. The bathroom duty schedule is going to be particularly difficult this year. I have a policy to help with meeting attendance - anyone who comes to all of the meetings does not have to do bathroom duty. The problem is - I have 4 men who have missed meetings and 7 days of bathroom duty to fill which is going to mean a LOT of bathroom duty for those 4 guys. One of those guys has missed almost every meeting - I don't feel too bad about scheduling him for a lot of BRD. Another is getting older and the trips are physically tough for him - I hate to do put him on BRD every other day because I know it will be hard on him. He won't complain, but I'll feel bad. And another guy has only missed one meeting in something like 3 years. It hardly seems fair to put him on that much either. The only one that has missed a lot of meetings and well deserves BRD is a kid that I'm not sure would do a decent job of cleaning the bathroom. Arrggghhh... there's just no good way to do this. I may just schedule it according to the policy and according to how much they've missed - which everyone was well aware of from the start, and then tell those guys who were at all the meetings that they have an opportunity to extend some grace to their teammates and then hope they will. Maybe it can be a lesson in grace? As if we don't have enough lessons with these trips already.

I keep forgetting in times like this, that I'm all about having fun. That this is an adventure, not a burden. But I'm not having fun yet. Maybe that's why I'm so tired.


Michelle said...

I personally think the name "Alysa" is perfect, good taste! ha!

hennhouse said...

Praying... hard for you. And we really hope to make it down for RESONATE.

Ericka said...

I'm sure all the planning is more difficult than anyone could imagine...I just wanted to let you know that you do a great job at it!

hallga77 said...

If you need to i will help clean the men's bathroom.