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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Did You Ever Have a Day When ...

Things just seem to fall together perfectly?

OK, so those days are pretty rare, but I actually had one today.

A lot of things went right.

Got an email from a local celeb, a radio personality from a morning show on one of the bigger stations in Cincinnati .... he is also a performer and he wants to come to Rezonate '08! HE contacted ME. Wow. That doesn't happen often. Not only that but since he's a radio guy he will plug the concert too. FREE advertising. I love it. And he's on at drive time when people are going to work so this is just ... awesome.

I also got another email today that Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union of Souls will be coming to Rezonate! Ever hear the song "Light in Your Eyes", or "I Believe"? I know you've heard them. If not, go over to Myspace now and give a listen. I think at least one of their albums went gold. The band is not coming, in fact, I think they may have broken up, but Eliot was the frontman and he'll be here! Cool! I'm a fan too. :)

Both of these guys know our friend Brian White, a song writer in Nashville who's latest hit "Watching You" was at #1 on the country charts for several weeks and has won all sorts of awards. He's also got a couple of Doves in his pocket. Some of you may remember him from Brian White and Justice from way back in the day. (Don't tell him I said 'way back in the day')

And then there's the doughnut tower.

That's right. A doughnut tower. Tomorrow is Logan's grad party. I think about 75 people are coming? Wow, I wasn't expecting that many but we've got the food to feed 'em so its all good. Since he is graduating from the HS and the Criminal Justice program, I'm doing a doughnut tower instead of a cake. Brian built a stand for it and I'm going to arrange 10 dozen or so doughnuts in an artistic manner (I hope) and then put a little statue of a cop on the top. I'll post pics tomorrow night but trust me - its SO cool. I wasn't sure it was going to work out, but oh yeah ... it will.


Michelle said...

Amber, how creative, can't wait to see it...

hallga77 said...

Hey Amber,

Great news all around!

Isn't this donut tower thing a little
bit close to the stereotypical cop and donut thing.

And that dove in the pocket must be
heck on Brian's dry cleaning bill.