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Friday, May 16, 2008

Let Me Introduce ....

I have decided to spotlight each team member and post a bit about them on the Trip blog so that people can see who is going, give them a chance to share something about their experience with the mission trips, and let folks know how they can be praying for each individual team member.

I thought I may as well post it here too - so enjoy reading about these fantastic people. I always tell them that they are not normal - its not normal to give up your vacation time and willingly spend hours in a van crammed full of people so that you can go work your butt off, get bitten, scratched, snotted on, cursed out, rocks thrown at you, have your feet swell and every muscle in your body ache and then to have your heart broken. It wouldn't be normal even if someone else were paying for it but to then pay $600 or $700 to do it - well that's just crazy.

I get to start with Brandon simply because he got his stuff in first - which is a first, I think. Just kidding ya Brandon.

Brandon is easy for me to write about because I've known him his whole life. He is the same age as my youngest son and as they have been friends and grown up together, I have come to consider him as one of my own. There is not a lot I wouldn't do for this guy. I'd probably even die for him. Yeah, probably.

Everyone who knows Brandon is very familiar with his winning personality. Honestly, to know him is to love him. He's friendly (to put it mildly), funny, very talented (my rock star), and has come to love God with all his heart. Oh yeah, he alwasy flirts with me and tells me I'm beautiful so that is sure to gain him points. Is he perfect? Nope, but I must say that I'm impressed with what I see in him as I've watched his relationship with Jesus develop into an honest, real, and increasingly meaningful relationship that is very evident to those around him. I am very proud to call him "my other son".

While his personality is the thing that probably stands out the most about him, something people may not immediately realize is that Brandon is a deep thinker, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. I've been amazed at his wisdom on more than one occasion. I am also impressed with Brandon's ability to bond with the kids at Pine Ridge. I've watched him grow closer to some of the kids there over the years and have seen that he is indeed having an impact on them for Christ. Last year especially Brandon was able to develop some friendships with a few of the boys on the rez that he will be able to build on in the future.

How many years have you been going to the Rez with us?

I've been 3 times to the rez.

What is it about these trips that has changed you and made you want to keep going back?

The reason I really wanna go back is because of the friendships I formed. I wanna keep those going and hopefully bring God into some peoples life.

What is something specific that people can pray for you about?

Something people can pray for me about is the cost of the trip.

* This spotlight isn't intended to be a plea for sponsors and Brandon certainly didn't ask me to mention this, but if you would like to sponsor Brandon I'm sure he would be very appreciative.

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Kansas Bob said...

"The reason I really wanna go back is because of the friendships I formed. I wanna keep those going and hopefully bring God into some peoples life."

Now that is one mature answer!