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Thursday, May 08, 2008

What's Goin' On

I've been busy for the past two weeks. Almost non-stop. I did goof off a bit yesterday but not as much as I would have liked. Anyway, so you don't think I've dropped off the face of the earth, here's what's been keeping me busy...

  • Logan is graduating from HS in a couple of weeks. I'm planning the Grad Party, shopping for all the "stuff" we will need, getting invitations ready (btw, you don't need an invite - just let me know you're coming), and putting together the slide show ... and crying as I do it. Where in the world did the time go?

  • Pine Ridge is keeping me busy. I've been booking the hotel rooms for the road trip, making van assignments, booking the truck and vans, ordering "stuff" for all that we are doing and testing the waterguns out on Taser. They work and she's not happy about it. There are also a couple of meetings to plan ... I'm thinking of having the team over for food and a Pine Ridge-related movie in June in place of the meeting. Maybe even put a fire in the new fire pit and make s'mores?? I don't know ... gotta think about it more when I get a minute.

  • Trying to keep up with REZonate '08. Heard from the radio station today and the newspaper yesterday. Looks like everyone is on board. I hope they all follow through. Follow through ... hmmm ... I wish people would do that. It's one of my pet peeves. But I'm sidetracked now.

  • Talking to the missionaries in Pine Ridge. They had 2 ft. of snow last weekend and lost their power. They just can't get a break, can they.

  • Gardening. I am enjoying it. I just hope I have time to keep it all alive. I am really enjoying take a moment each day to sit on the porch and drink coffee and watch stuff grow. So far, it is growing! Nothing has died yet, which is an accomplishment.

  • Trying to keep my class on Sunday morning afloat - or determine if it should stay afloat. ???

  • And today I'm taking care of some MUCH needed house cleaning. I hate cleaning house. Really hate it. I do like a clean house though, so I guess I've got to do it once in a while.

  • TRYING to keep a good attitude about some things that are REALLY bugging me. Wish I could blog about it, but that would get me, and maybe some other people, in trouble.

  • I'm looking forward to Cody coming over this evening.

That's it. I've got to run again now.


Logan came home, watched the slide show I made and nixed it. He doesn't want music in it. I thought the music was what made it nice. I even used country music - his favorite. Somehow I think just pics will be boring to most people. Oh well, it's his party so we'll do it his way. Too bad he can't pay for it too. I'm still making an "Unauthorized Version" and posting it. Arrggghh! Kids!

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Happy Mother's Day, Amber!

and thank you for the gift!!!! I was so surprised and thrilled!!!