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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Make It My Business to Stay Out of Other People's Business

Its another weird day at the Buriff's. No surprise there. As I was out in the front yard washing my Jeep (not too well because it is after all a JEEP and is supposed to be dirty), I noticed something ... strange.

I saw it from a distance but then when I walked out to the road to pick up the mail I saw clearly ... my neighbor (the not-so-nice one across the street), has a video camera set up in his yard. Now I have no idea if he's video taping his house or mine because I can't see it that well, but its there. I have no idea why. Is he selling his house? (I wouldn't be so lucky) Or is he spying on me? I hate to break it to him but I'm really not all that interesting. Hmmm... I'm thinking maybe I'll take my camera with the high powered zoom out there and take a pic. :) I'll post it if I do. *Update* the pic is up and if you click on it to enlarge it you will see that he's videotaping his house - I think.)

That got me to thinking ... about how we love to know what's going on with other people. We have a tendency to nose out the stuff about others that we don't need to know. And worse yet, when we find out a bit of info ... we talk about it. Christians do this in a number of "acceptable" ways. We share because we're concerned. Or we use the standard excuse for gossip and share it as a prayer request.

Now its easy to think that its just our church (yeah, we do have that problem at my church) but I'm here to tell you that this problem is not specific to our church or any other church. I think its a human nature problem that shows up anywhere there is a relatively small group of people whether they be "Christian" or not. My home town is one of those places. Great as it was to grow up there, you can't fart in that town without everybody in town knowing it 10 min. later. Being a small town, there isn't much to do but sit on the front porch and watch people and then talk about them to your friends and family.

Church, sad to say, isn't much different. For some reason, we love to pick on some sins but favor others and gossip is an all-time favorite. My opinion may not count much but I have an idea that we leave gossip alone because its through gossip that we focus on the sins we love to pick on - other people's, and ignore the ones we like to ignore - ours.

Hmmm...maybe we should start a campaign... a "I Make It My Business To Stay Out of Other People's Business" campaign. I have actually responded to someone that way before when they asked me about "so and so". Maybe we should make up stickers and ask people to wear them when they walk in the door at church. Maybe it would remind them not to gossip. Or, maybe we could make it really hard and tell them they can only wear a sticker if they didn't gossip this week. Jr. Highish, I know. Silly, yeah. Legalistic, sure. And I am being facetious But it makes you wonder...

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hennhouse said...

Is that your neighbor's foot in the corner of that photo?!

I'll join your campaign. Although, I often realize that I have too much of my own business to deal with anyone else's business.