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Thursday, June 05, 2008

There's a Bird in My Garage

Yeah, its been a day. It started when I woke up, got dressed and ready to run errands and then got the brilliant idea to just take a second to hose off the front porch since its pretty dirty after the storms. Bad idea.

Why in the world they can't make a nozzle to fit a hose properly is beyond me, but you guessed it, as soon as I turned the stupid hose on, I got doused with water - right in the face. Before I finished I was completely soaked. I knew I should have ran the errands first.

I changed and then was finally off to run errands. When I came home I noticed there was a bird in my garage. I left the door open for it to fly out. It is now a few hours later and the bird is STILL in the garage. This has to be the dumbest bird alive. It may not be alive too much longer if it doesn't figure this out. The garage door is wide open so it should have no problem flying right out. I've even left a trail of bread to lure it out, but no, this stupid bird still can figure it out. I've moved the Jeep out of its way but that doesn't appear to be helping either. The crazy thing is still out there squawking like a crazed animal with a 2 car garage door wide open in front of it and it can't figure out how to fly out. Stupid bird.


hennhouse said...

I am laughing out loud--not at the hose or the bird--those are pretty funny, but at how your frustration and sarcasm came through in your writing! So funny!

Amber said...

Glad to report that Brian was able to free the bird which I named Willy. As in Will-e leave the garage, and also after a famous whale story.