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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, It Makes Me Think

Last week I posted about my cousin Jason who has a band that is competing for a chance to play with Kenny Chesney for not one, but three of his concerts. Well ... his band Red Eye Max, is now in the final four! That means that next Tuesday those four bands will compete in a play-off to see who will open for Kenny Chesney! Jason's band, as of now, is in the #1 spot! I guess we'll know more after next Tuesday.

Thing is... not only did I not know Jason had a band, I didn't know that his band had a Myspace page ... until I went searching. I added them as a friend and then sent him a message that freaked him out a bit because he didn't know it was me. :)

I told him his grandpa would be so proud of him. He would too. Jason sent a message back that made me think .... he told me about how his grandpa would take him out on the backroads when he was a kid and let him drive ... he would throw in an old tape and have Jason sing for him. I think we all have stories like that about him. That's just the kind of guy he was. When he was sick with cancer he would still drive for an hour to where he could pick up the radio signal from a station that was broadcasting one of his grandson's football games. He would park his truck and sit there and listen to the game and then drive home. And me, when I was a kid he would saddle up one of the horses and let me "ride" for as long as I wanted. His patience knew no end. I always thought I was special ...that I was his favorite. And then he died and the stories started to be shared and I realized that we all felt that way. Every one of us. He had that way of making everyone feel they were special. Now I know there was nothing special about me - it was all him. I miss him. A lot. Somehow I ended up with one of his shirts and I wear it and think of him often. I think I'll wear it today.

Click here to see Jason's video You can still give it a rating if you haven't done so already.

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