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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just Who Does She Think She Is??

'Tis the season. I have officially started shopping for the trip to the Rez. Hard to believe we leave in 25 days!

I've shopped already and have the boxes in my dining room to prove it, but ... now begins the real shopping. Now is the time I spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars - none of which belong to me. Well, some of the dollars might, but not many. Its not nearly as much fun as it sounds. Its actually a bit stressful.

So, I go to a certain food distributor today to buy plates, napkins, cups, plastic knives, and SPORKS! (Gotta love those sporks.) We feed anywhere from 60 - 150 kids a hot lunch every day that we're on the Rez plus our crew so we buy a LOT of stuff. Today I bought 2000 cups, and 1200 or so plates. The plates were not in cases so when I went to the check out I told the cashier that I needed 2 cases of the plates. She informed me that they do not have any cases of them but that I can take them in the small bags off of the shelf. HELLO... I know that already but I want them in cases because they're going to South Dakota. And besides, they're a wholesale food distributor who sells in bulk so what does she mean she doesn't' have any cases?? Of course, I don't bother to explain all of that to her. Instead I take them off the shelf knowing that it'll just be a bit more work to pack them. No bother, I've done it before and no doubt will do it again.

Besides this particular place always has boxes .... lots of boxes... lots of empty boxes .. piled up at the front of the store and in the past they have always been kind and let me have as many as I need. So after being told that she has no cases of plates, I politely ask the cashier if I can take some of the boxes. To my utter amazement she says, 'You may have up to three". THREE?? Three? Did she really say three? She did. I looked at her dumbfounded and then I explained that one reason I asked for the plates to be in boxes was because they were going across the country. I got a blank look in reply before she turned away from me and to the next customer.

OK, lady, I'll show you... I'll take the three biggest boxes you've got. And I did.

I mean really ... who does she think she is telling me I can only have three lousy boxes. She obviously don't know that we spend a LOT of money there each year. She obviously doesn't know that our church spends even more money there than we do. And most importantly, she obviously doesn't know about my history with boxes. If she did, she wouldn't come between me and a box. Not in June, July or August she wouldn't'. Three boxes! The nerve!

(some of you "get this" because you remember the story of "the box" from a couple of years ago. )

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