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Monday, August 11, 2008

"No Safe Place"

People sometimes wonder why we don't focus more on work projects when we go to the Rez. Although we do various work projects and we do manage to get quiet a bit of that kind of work done, the work projects always take second place to the kids. Our trips are really all about the kids.

Here is why....

This year an eight year old little boy made the comment to one of our crew that "No body loves me... nobody.... and there is no place in this whole world that is safe". That's a tough thing for an eight year old to come to believe.

So if we can give the kids a safe place to play and be a kid ... a place where they can know that they are loved by us .... and if we can let them know that God loves them more than life itself, then the way I see it, that's about the most important thing we can do.

Work projects come and go and there will alwasy be work to do there, but the kids are only young for a short time. Our chance to touch their lives is very limited, so they always take priority.

BTW, I love these pics of our crew with the kids. You can really see the love, can't you.

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hennhouse said...

Wow. What that child must have been through to have that feeling.

You all are just amazing.