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Monday, August 11, 2008

Overheard on the Rez

Just some things the kids said that I happened to hear or hear about....

(We always rent a Ryder truck to haul our supplies and the backpacks are also in it. We give out the backpacks from the back of the Ryder so the kids have come to associate it with backpacks.)

Kid: "I can read so I know what that truck says."

Staff: "You do??"

Kid: "Yeah, it says Backpacks."


Staff: "Be sure to come back on Friday because we have a surprise for you."

Kid: "Ya know, the backpacks really aren't that big of a surprise when the truck is sitting right there."


One little girl who never talks when she is there was not able to be there on Friday when backpacks were being given out because she had to go somewhere with her mother. Her mother called to see if we could put one back for her. In the background this normally quiet little girl was heard screaming at the top of her lungs, "I AM NOT GOING WITH YOU... .IT'S BACKPACK DAY!!!"


After a lesson about God's overflowing love a little boy who was there for the first time approached one of our crew and asked, "Will you pray with me and tell me more about how much God loves me?"

That was completely random while they were playing on the playground.

1 comment:

hennhouse said...

I just love the things kids say!

Especially the last comment. What a testament to how you all model the love of God.