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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rockin' in the Free World

I'm wiped out. It was a LONG day yesterday but a good one. Only one word adequately describes yesterday - BLESSED. I now know what it means when the bible says that "he will pour you out a blessing that you won't have room enough to contain". I can't yet soak it all in. There was too much good that happened.

Attendance was not all we had hoped for but not to shabby for a first year event. A lady that does an event that draws 17,000 people stopped by, told us we were doing an excellent job and that her event was much the same. She told us that it takes 3 years for people to recognize the event and for word to get out about it. The bands, the radio personalities, and the events director for the city all told us it was a very nicely done event and that we did a professional job. Not too bad for a bunch of people who had no idea what we were doing.

Even though the event was a fundraiser it has never been only about money or numbers. It was about the body of Christ being a light in the community and I have to say - it was that. God was glorified and in a way that was not manufactured by a church program - it happened spontaneously and it was a beautiful thing. Much of what happened I cannot talk about because I don't want to intrude on people's privacy, but it was GOOD. Very good.

OH and it was FUN too. 8 Lives Spent called me and Brian up on stage to sing backup on Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World". I didn't want to go alone so I called our Pine Ridge team up with me. It was a riot. Never in my life would I have guessed I'd see Brian rocking out on stage with a rock band. What a dork. Oh well, we were all dorks which was what made it fun.

I'll put together some pics and post them soon.

As for Rezonate '09 ..... It's gonna happen! All of the big acts said they'd be back next year if we did it again as did the dj and most of the vendors. So it looks like we'll keep on rockin in the free world.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you and Jessica. You both worked very hard and it turned out awesome!

Gary Means said...

I can easily envision Brian up there. Granted, it's difficult to imagine him doing it without a chicken costume, but still I can see it.

I'm glad to hear that it went well and that you are feeling good about it.

Way to go, Amber!!! Great work!

When you're ready, let's talk about art for next year.

Jessica Neal said...

I'm already brainstorming REZ '09! Bigger bands, more sponsors and MAJOR promotion. We can do it. And if we can't, well then God can.

Gary Means said...

Just to keep things simple and to build on the equity in the existing logo, what would you think of using the same logo, but just changing the 8 to a 9?

Amber said...

Anonymous - thanks. There was a whole team of people who worked really hard. A good number of people gave money they didn't really have to give and I think all of us gave time that we didn't really have. But it was fun and worth it.

Gary ... yeah we definately want to keep the logo. We might just do "Rezonate" for the logo so we don't have to change it each year.