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Friday, August 08, 2008

Volunteers Needed!!

A note from Jessica, the Volunteer Coridnator for Rezonate '08

If I have already contacted you to set up your time to work and your duties at the concert, then disregard this email.I made a round of phone calls to all of you last night. Some of you were at church when I called.

I need to hear from you NO LATER than Saturday night if you have NOT signed up for a time to work at REZonate '08.

Here are the times available:

  • Fri. 6pm-10pm - Setting up tents, tables, chairs and possibly the stage. NEED MANY MORE FOR THIS!

  • Sat. 7am-10am - Helpers to set up sound equipment and do last minute jobs like putting water in coolers with ice... etc.

  • Sat. 10am-2pm; 2pm-6pm and 6pm-10pm - 4 hour shifts - Parking lot attendants, booth workers, Trash/Clean-up Crew, Volunteer attendants (to help pass out water/food etc.), band security and band assistance and more... Please CALL me to sign up for one of these jobs as some are filled up.

  • Sat. night 10pm - ??? WE NEED MANY MORE who are willing to stick around after the concert to help us take all the equipment down and get it back to where it goes. People with pick-up trucks, we need you.

  • Sun. 1pm - we may need people with pick-up trucks to take tables, chairs and tents back where they belong depending on the hour in which we get it loaded up on Sat. night. If its super late, we may store it at VOA and take it back on Sun. ???

PLEASE, Please call me or email me to let me know when you can work!

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