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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bagging Food for Haiti

Yesterday Brian and I along with several people from our church got to do something really cool. Kids Against Hunger is hosting a Haiti Pack-A-Thon in our area. The pack-a-thon this weekend will provide much needed food for those starving in Haiti. The recent food crisis has been intensified in that country due to 4 hurricanes that have recently hit Haiti destroying much of what food supply they did have. Children are eating "mud cookies" made from mud that is full of parasites and animal wastes mixed with cooking oil and let to dry in the sun.

That's the bad news. The good news is that Kids Against Hunger is doing something and you can be involved. There are many ways you can help but perhaps the easiest is to give 2 hours of your time to help pack bags of food that will be shipped directly to Haiti. One person working for 2 hours can produce food to feed 1 child for an entire year!

Oh, and its fun! We got to meet people from all over our community who have a heart for helping out and making the world a better place. We laughed at each other and ourselves and had a great time.

Each bag of food includes 6 nutritionally balanced life-saving meals.

The pack-a-thon is this weekend but if you missed it, there are plenty of other opportunities to volunteer. Click here for a schedule.

The way I see it, we can sit and bemoan the world's problems or we can do something about it and when its this easy to do something that truly makes a difference, then ... well ... why not?

Oh, and did I mention it was fun? You know I'm all about fun. :)


Kansas Bob said...

This post made my heart glad Amber.

Michelle said...

we did it yesterday as a family it was awesome to see Lyssa enjoy helping like that, all ages can do this

hennhouse said...

Great idea! Thanks for the info!

Jeff Goins said...

Thanks for being an advocate for Haiti... found your blog via technorati.