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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Don't Like Ike

Well who would have thunk it. We had hurricane force winds from Ike on Sunday that resulted in the worst power outage in this area ever. We were without electric for a little over 2 days. Its amazing how much I depend on electricity. I tried to have a good attitude, but failed. Miserably. That's too bad considering that so many have it so much worse than us. What can I say, I'm a selfish jerk sometimes.

It is sad that Galveston, TX seems to have taken a really hard hit. I feel for those folks and all the others affected by Hurricane Ike. Galveston was always a nice place for Brian and I to get away too when we were living in Lake Charles, LA. And I've been requested to share this story on my blog, so here goes....

On one of those visits to Galveston to get away, Brian and I thought we would have a nice romantic time and go horseback riding along the beach. Well, things never go as you plan do they?

Brian's horse "Sue" would not budge. So the guy from the stable rode along with us and hollered "Ha Sue! Get up Sue!" all they way down the beach. And to make the situation more interesting, my horse had a thing for the trail guy's horse so he and I rode side by side with Brian in front. Turns out, my horse's name is "Baby" so the guy kept saying things like, "hey Baby, how ya doin'? What's up Baby? You enjoying your ride Baby?"

Brian turned in the saddle and looked daggers at the guy, which made me realize that Brian thought the guy was talking to me instead of the horse so I began patting my horse and saying, "You're a good horse Baby".

I think the thing that really topped the experience off was when the trail guy asked me if I wanted a beer. When I said no, he said, "Ya sure? I got some in my saddle bags ... be happy to share".

So much for romance.


Kansas Bob said...

We had a great time in Galveston.. Ann and I took my kids there for spring break just before we were married.. it was a great time and pretty eye opening for Ann :)

Sad to see the devastation down there. Also sad to hear of your power outage.. that was one big storm. Glad that you power is back!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh my word! That is the least romantic horseback ride I have ever heard of!

Hope you see blue skies soon its so sad to see all the wreckage :(

hennhouse said...

Glad your power is back!!

That horseback riding story is a stitch!! My favorite part is that the trail guy had beer in his saddle bags!!!