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Monday, September 29, 2008

National Recovery Month - Some Important Info for Addicts and their Families and Friends

Sept. was National Recovery Month. Yeah, I a little late in posting about it now that its the last day of the month. But the message is a timeless one so its not too late to become informed and (hopefully) encouraged.

Please take a moment to check out the video. There's some good stuff in there for anyone who is an addict or knows an addict, which I suspect is just about all of us.

Below are some quotes from Nikki Sixx from the speech he gave before Congress in 2007.

"My experience as a recovering addict is that dependency doesn't just affect the addict, but also the family, the extended family, the workplace, and even our economy."

"When you think about it, it affects and infects the lack of productivity as well ..."

"For me as an addict, one of the first things I heard was, 'why don't you get it together...what's your problem ... why can't you just stop, and things like 'don't you have any willpower'. I have a disease. Its no different than cancer or anything else. And I need treatment for that disease. "

(Might I just add that I too heard these kinds of statements. My personal favorite was "just give it to God". People liked to tell me that but ironically none of the people telling me that could tell me exactly HOW to do that - other than to just pray, which I had already done until I was blue in the face. It was not until I entered a 12 Step program that I discovered the "how" to of giving it to God.)

"I have experienced that it wasn't just the addiction. Because once the addiction was contained or controlled there was a big hole in my stomach. The therapy part is really important part".

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