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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm Going Goth

I have black hair.

And I hate it.

Yeah, its a hair color nightmare.

My natural color is very dark brown but for years I've colored it a light brown. Back in January I decided to look like "me" again and go back to my natural shade. I like it.

So why did I change? It kept fading a week after I would color it so I bought a darker shade this time. And now I have this nasty black color.

I've been washing with Prell and trying to make it fade but so far, no luck.

Well, on the bright side, Halloween is coming up and I can always go as a goth chick.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

LMAO!!! you can take anything and put a positive and fun twist on it.

I did the same thing when I decided to go natural years ago and was shocked at how black my hair turned. I finally broke down and went and had it stripped....i dont recommend that method!!!

I'm going natural again cause blonde is just too much time and money...but this time I am going SLOW instead of all at once.

David Cho said...

Pictures please!!!!

hennhouse said...

You're so funny! Be careful not to rush the fading job or it might turn out purple!