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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Job is a little boy in Haiti that Brian fell in love with this past summer. For one thing, Job has messed up feet like our son Cody did. That, along with Job's story just grabbed Brian's heart and hasn't let go.

Today we got an email from one of the missionaries in Haiti. Job has had surgery. Here is what she said,

"Hi Brian, I wanted to let you know that Job had some
surgery Monday on his club feet. There's an orthopedic surgery
team at the mission now and they did the surgery. Even with the surgery
I'm not sure that he would ever be able to walk due to his other physical and
mental challenges but it is certainly worth trying and at any rate I'm
sure will be better for his overall well-being. I imagine he's not a
particularly happy guy at the moment as he recovers from surgery but we're
praying he will recover quickly with no complications and I wanted to let you
know so you could be praying for him too. Thanks for your support, Mary

This is a little guy with the deck definitely stacked against him. For one, he was born in Haiti where children like him have very little chance. In the U.S., yeah, he would be given the best care and would probably live long but in Haiti, well, things are different to say the least. He was also born with several mental and physical challenges. Add to that, his mother died. His family dropped him off at the orphanage and have never returned to visit him. He cries often but usually calms down when someone holds him. (don't we all) The coordinator says, "we don't really know what Job's diagnosis is or how long he will live but we are committed to loving him and caring for him as long as God entrusts him to us."

At this time Job only has one sponsor. If you would be willing to sponsor Job shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch with the person in Haiti who can direct you.


hennhouse said...

What a story... I would love to learn more... henn.16 at osu.edu

Michelle said...

Amber-exactly what does it take to sponsor?? carlnmichelle@yahoo.com