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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Christians, Here's Your Chance

... to not look like a .... well ... you know....

I can almost hear it now the backlash from people who think our country is now going to hell in a handbasket because Obama was elected president. They will rant and rave and make outlandish claims and will in the process make themselves look like fools.

Unfortunately, a lot of those folks will also be people who claim to follow Christ and will do a lot of damage to His name all because of something as temporary as the outcome of a presidential election.

But some Christians seem to have a knack for looking like ... butts so I'm quite sure it will happen.

Come on people ... before you send that politically charged email or run your mouth ... think ... do you really want to put politics before people?

Am I happy with the election results??


Do I still believe that God is in control.

Sure do.


Kansas Bob said...

Nice thoughts Amber.. I so appreciate your attitude and echo your sentiments about people keeping quiet for a while.

Michelle said...

I've said all day it doesn't matter whose in office I know who is on the throne....

David Cho said...

The end is near, I am hearing from Christians today. Fits nicely with the pic you have posted there :).

If the end is really near because of Obama, I say Amen!

Obama Today
Rapture Tomorrow
Obama For President!

Gary Means said...

I greatly appreciate what you've written. I'm not at all surprised to hear words of wisdom and grace here in response to the election results.

A friend of mine has a young son who asked him how their family will survive when Obama turns America into a third-world country. The son also believes that the election results means that the Apocalypse has now begun. The boy is worried. A child suffers needlessly. And for my friend (who voted for Obama) to explicitly explain the truth to his son would be viewed by his wife as undermining her views. But even she doesn't believe that the Apocalypse is now at hand. Not quite sure where he learned that. At church, perhaps.