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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I've Got an Axe to Grind

Who knew turning 47 would be so ... cool!

Back in August when we did Rezonate, our friend Joe, the bassist from 8 Lives Spent, was so generous as to custom design a bass guitar to be raffled off at the event. He actually did TWO guitars and gave the proceeds from both to Backpacks For Pine Ridge. At Rezonate when Joe handed over the bass he had designed I was drooling over it and wishing I could win it myself but knowing that I could not. So my husband Brian got the idea to have Joe custom design one for me for my birthday. Now not only did Joe design one specifically for me with pics from Rezonate and the autographs of all the band, but this bass was extra special because it was one from his own personal collection.

Here are some pics ... I hope you can see the details because this is truly a BEAUTIFUL bass. The note that is part of the design reads, "Custom Designed by Joe '2 Coat' Jones For Amber Buriff. This bass was used 7-26-08 at the Fredrick Co. Fair in Winchester, VA. Happy Birthday Amber and I hope you enjoy the bass as much as I did!!! Joe '2 Coat' Jones"


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

THIS IS THE COOLEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! OH MY GOSH! Your husband is too much, what a perfect idea.

I wished you a HB on my blog but wanted to come over here and say it too.

You look like a natural with that thing....If you start a band, can I be the tambourine player? Its all I am qualified for but I do it well :0

Then when we are ready to tour, maybe we can get U2 to open for us.....if they aren't available we can talk to Mick and Keith.

hallga77 said...

Did I say Happy Birthday?

I like the pictures of you and the bass on the porch better. People and things usually look better in natural light. Good job Brian.


Amber said...

Tim - my camera doesn't take good indoor shots at all so we had to go outside. And it seems our church has the worst lighting for pictures. I think every photographer who has done a wedding there has said something about the bad lighting.

Barbara ... thanks for the birthday greeting ... I left a comment over on your blog. :) I'm ready to rock anytime you are. Funny story - this morning I took the bass to church to show it off and to let our bass player play it if he wanted too. I was walking through the church and overhead somebody say, "Is she a rocker now??" Someone else replied, "Oh she's been a rocker for a long time." LOL

Another funny story - I think Brian (and maybe me too) are being investigated by the FBI. You may have seen the news on CNN or FOX about the man who threatened to blow up half of Cincinnati. Well, he goes to our church. As his pastor they are checking Brian out. I figure there's a chance they may be checking out me too which is cool bc I have nothing to hide. BUT, Brian had the bass shipped to him at a P.O. Box so it wouldn't come to our house and spoil the surprise. And of course, it was in a box that MIGHT have looked like a gun. We laughted when we realized how that might look to someone checking us out. :)

Kansas Bob said...

That Brian is one great husband!

Guys like him make it hard on the rest of us :)

Eric S. said...

Now that is a cool B-Day present. Hope you enjoy it.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!! The FBI might need a little God in their lives. The lighting is horrible I hate the pics I take in the church.

hennhouse said...

Happy birthday!!

What a fabulous gift!! Do you play? Or will you be learning to play?!

So exciting!

hallga77 said...


I have a suggestion for you & Barb's band's name: Wee2.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Amber - I think Tim came up with the perfect name for our band!