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Friday, November 07, 2008

Thinking of Our Friends on the Rez

Please keep the people of South Dakota - especially those on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in your thoughts and prayers. I just spoke with the missionary there and they are all OK, have power back on now, and are in fact housing some people who were stranded. But they do have 20 foot snow drifts and will be snowed in for some time since the Rez roads get very little attention the way ours do here.

I also think of how hard winters are for the people on the Reservation ... some do not have indoor plumbing. Since they were hit with a winter blast this early in the year I wonder if some of them will run out of propane and the money to buy it before winter is up. I think of our friend there, an elderly lady, who is likely sweeping snow out of her kitchen since there are holes in her walls, ceiling and floor and she has no door. I wonder, and I pray because at this time, that is all I can do. I feel bad that we only took 2 heaters to the Rez this year. That was all that were donated. I think they may need a lot more than that this winter and I wish we could have done more.

I am grateful for our friends 8 Lives Spent who will be doing a benefit show in VA in the coming months to raise money to purchase space heaters. Maybe next year we'll have more to take. Maybe a lot more.

These pics were taken last Christmas when Brian and I went to the Rez. There was only a little snow there then and travel was bad. I can only imagine how it is with nearly 4 feet of snow. These pics will give you an idea of some of the housing conditions there.


Michelle said...

at times I feel so ungrateful, thanks for this reminder that I may not have everything I want I do have so much more then I need....

hennhouse said...

Thanks, Amber. Do you mind if I link to this?

Gary Means said...

I linked too. Thanks for sharing about this.