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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Doin' Life

I haven't blogged for a while so I guess I need to remedy that. There isn't much to tell really. We've been fighting sickness here. It seems that one of us just gets over one bug to have another hit. Brian has had two bouts with the flu in spite of getting a flu shot and I've had the flu and now have a sinus thing that made my head hurt so bad I tied a bandanna around my head really tight to try to get some relief. Now I hate to say it, but my throat is feeling a little sore.

Dad's been doing his chemo and doing ok with it. It wipes him out in a big way but according to the test results, it seems to be doing its job. I took him for his treatment last week and its amazing, completely amazing, how many people came and went from the oncologists office in the few hours we were there. Cancer sucks and it seems to touch so many people. Now on top of the fatigue of chemo, dad is also got the flu.

It feels like I've been cooking and cleaning forever. I make these incredibly fantastic gingersnaps (if I do say so myself) and sell them as a fundraiser to help raise $$ for Pine Ridge and I've got several dozen to do this week. Between that and making dinner I'm sick of cooking and cleaning. A sweet couple from church are taking us out for a belated birthday dinner tonight and it couldn't come at a better time.

Speaking of the trip ... its about time to sign up another crew. Jan. 4 is the big deadline and that date will tell who goes and how much the trip will cost. We've had a few regulars drop out this year because of money, work, and school plans so its looking like the cost is going to go up considerably. OUCH! That's not good because it may keep others from going. In fact, it may well keep my husband from going and that's really not good. Plus, I may have a crew of mostly newbies ... which is good but will make things ... interesting, for me.

I'm also getting ready for Rezonate ... trying to secure sponsors. One big name in particular may be signing on soon and I really hope so because I could use some good news. Regardless of the amount they sponsor it would be nice to have a VERY recognizable name to add to the list of sponsors. Actually, they have already said YES but we have to get some paperwork in and that all has to go through the Community Foundation which will just take a bit of time.

As time permits I'm also working on a project for a presentation for the show in Winchester, VA in January. I'm looking forward to that.

Well, there ya have it. Pretty mundane stuff. Just doin' life. Nothing blogworthy at all but I think some family read here that may like to keep up with the Buriff home.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Glad you get to go out for dinner tonight!!! Hope all the cleaning and cooking are almost over. (I guess cleaning is never over...)

Kansas Bob said...

Added you dad to my prayer list. Glad he is getting better.