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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just Rambling

I'm sitting here waiting to take my dad for his chemo treatment today so thought I would just ramble on a bit. Yesterday we had Christmas with my parents and our sons and daughter-in-law. It was fun but I'm pretty sure they could make a sit-com based on our family. Sometimes its hard to eat for laughing. And then there's the gifts ... and my mom getting Cody and Logan's gifts mixed up so they opened them all and then decided who got what.

I will probably have a busy day today. It takes 2-3 hours for dad's chemo ... btw, ya gotta wonder what they are doing with that stuff ... did you know that after a treatment no one else can use the same bathroom as the chemo patient because its toxic to everyone else? Seriously, you have to flush twice before anyone else can use it because its so toxic. Wow.

I will probably get another tattoo today. I tried yesterday but they were busy and then we had Christmas dinner and all. So I'll try again today. I've just put their number in my phone so I can call them and set it up while I'm out and about today. Is it a bad thing to have a tattoo shop's number in your cell phone? Probably. Don't worry - it will be small and tasteful and able to be hidden if necessary. And it will be my last. I may or may not have some words added to it later but I'm not sure about that yet so that part will wait. I'm thinking of having "Hoka Hey" in some kind of pretty script.

I'm also grateful they found the man from our church who was missing. With single digit temps and sub-zero wind chills it could have been a very bad situation but all is well now.

Well, enough rambling the clock is telling me its about time for me to get on the road.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Merrry Christmas to you too!

I am officially requesting a photo of the new tattoo!!!!!

Amber said...

Hey Barbara, I'll post one in a few weeks. Its gonna look pretty bad until it heals.

hennhouse said...

As someone who will probably never be brave enough to have a tattoo, I would like to see it, too!!

BTW-I love visiting here. You always make me smile... or think.

Have a blessed Christmas.

hallga77 said...

It makes it difficult to tell my daughter she shouldn't get one but I guess I lost that battle a long time ago. Now she can say,"but Pastor's wife has one!" I could say "but she doesn't have one of a rock band on her!" (You don't, do you? No you2 or something).
She gave herself her first one back in High School(ouch). Talk about suffering for your art.
Hope your dad(& mom) are doing well.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Amber said...

Tim -- no, no rock band tats ... yet. If I do that it would have to be a Motley Crue tattoo or something. I dont' see that happening anytime soon though.