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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kids Do The Darndest Things

I walked into church tonight in my usual hurry to find someone I needed to see when someone grabbed me and said, "wait ... she needs to see you for a minute" pointing to a little girl. I turned and the little girl handed me the bank you see below which was filled with coins all the way to the top. Her mother explained that she had been saving up her money for a very long time and had finished filling the bank yesterday after cleaning her room. The money is for the kids at Pine Ridge.

Needless to say I was touched. What a sweet thing to do. Kids just "get it" better than a lot of adults don't they. But I know this girls parents and I know its no accident that their little one chose to use her money this way. They've taught her to share what she has with kids who don't have as much as she does. And they've not just taught her to do it, but have lived out that example themselves in front of her.

I have no idea how much is in the bank ... I've not counted it yet. But I do know that the amount whatever it is, is a little girl's sacrifice. She could have used it to buy a toy or candy or whatever else she might want. Instead, she thought of some other kids who she may never even meet and chose to share with them.


BTW ... she made sure to tell me that she wants the bank back ... so she can start filling it up again.

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