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Monday, January 26, 2009

For Today

We were all set to put Jazz, our 17 year old dog down today. She's pretty pitiful. She is skin and bones and gets weaker all the time. Yesterday she couldn't even get up by herself. It was time to do the thing we've been putting off. But today I swear she knew it was coming and is getting up on her own and walking around as usual. It may just be her last big spurt of energy before she dies but at least for today she has a stay of execution.

Gunner is being a sweet, loving dog who is nurturing her. Taser would rather attack her so we're keeping them separated which means Taser is doing a lot of crate time when she's not outside.

Me, I need a vacation. I'm so tired. Tired of crazy people who do whatever they want despite consequences. Tired of dying dogs and trying to decide what is best for her vs what is best for us. And tired of trying to pull together sponsors and bands for REZonate and plan a trip to the rez. SO glad I have a good team, but for now the bulk of the work is on me since I book the bands and get (or try to get) sponsors for REZonate.

We're due for a big snow/ice storm tonight. I'm hoping for several inches of snow. It won't make much difference since I work from home but it might be fun to go make snow angels and act like a kid for a while.


Michelle said...

I am making soup beans, cornbread and chocolate chip muffins tomorrow, already took the day off, can you believe I have NEVER gone sledding and tomorrow might just be the day! Hang in there!

Back2TheBible said...

I know the feeling. My 18 yr old cat died and it was like losing a child. 17 years is a long time for a dog. What is that? 119 people yaers?