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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night

Forgive the jumbled up ramble here. Its been a bit hard to get my thoughts together because I've been running in so many directions - kind of like this post. =)

There's something to be said for a Monday night date night. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" came out in theaters today and Brian and I have been wanting to see it, so we put our usual Monday night date off until tonight. Bad idea. We were surrounded by 8th graders. At least I'm guessing they were 8th graders. The movie was packed out with pre-teens and the young girls behind us talked non-stop. I mean like, they never stopped talking. It wasn't really annoying or anything but oh my gosh, do girls that age EVER stop talking? Wow, I'm even starting to write like they talk. I'm betting they talk in their sleep. The movie itself was pretty funny. Typical Kevin James, who I love, so it was enjoyable.

Dinner conversation was also interesting. We used a left over gift card to Captain D's to grab something to eat before the movie. Apparently they have a Friday night senior discount so dinner was quite a bit different than the movie - except for cell phones. Kids have cell phones, so do old people. And the older couple at the next table took a call and spoke rather loudly to whoever they were talking to. It seems that someone they know had a bowel obstruction and was given double enemas. Great. Just what I want to hear about at dinner. Then the couple behind us got a call. Thankfully he wasn't quite so loud but we did hear him ask to person calling if they were able to get their cow back in.

I did something else unusual today. I discovered a new band called 8 KOunt. I didn't actually "discover" them as in making them famous or anything, but I stumbled across their Myspace page and I was impressed. So impressed that I bought their CD on iTunes ... and emailed them about playing at Rezonate later this year (they're local). They seem interested. I'm glad. Tim I know you're shocked since I'm slow to pick up on new music but these guys really blew me away. Check 'em out. If you don't like ROCK, you won't like them but I do. Now the fact that I checked out some local music is strange enough but I'm starting to get a strange feeling here ... let me illustrate ....

REZonate '08 took place in 2009

8 Lives Spent played at the event and have overwhelmingly supportive.

Now 8 KOunt may play this year too.

And since we're trying to pull together a charity bike run to coincide with the event, we are going to try to get Aces and Eights Harley Davidson to be a sponsor.

Do you see a trend?

Very strange.

OK, now I've got to put this new CD on my iPod so I can listen to it loud .... Logan just yelled at me to turn it down.


Kansas Bob said...

I have had a Friday night like that:)

I saw James on Leno the other night.. he is pretty funny.. but we might wait until video to catch Mall Cop.

hallga77 said...


I remember my mom telling me to turn it down too. I thought your mom's name was Judy not Logan.
Just THE MAN trying to keep you down. (whistling "The Authority Song"-Mellencamp.

Anyway, I put the 8 lives CD into my iTunes and I guess I was the first to upload the song titles to the CD database.Thanks for the disc.

Congratulations on exploring new stuff.

Your story about the 8th grade girls was quite funny. You seemed to have mimicked their speech patterns pretty well. If you removed the punctuation it would be perfect. Kind of the opposite of my delivery where you'd have to put in alot of ,,, & ....s.

Well, at least you did't go to see something that required alot of concentration.