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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give Me a Break

I need a break. Everything I've tried to do today has been a HASSLE. I mean really, how hard can any of the daily routine things be?? Pretty hard apparently.

I've spent the entire morning online TRYING to apply for a grant for Backpacks For Pine Ridge only to be met with every conceivable annoyance. Besides that, good old AOL keeps booting me. Gotta love AOL. Actually its worked fine for years but something is majorly screwed up with it now.

I wont even go on to talk about grocery shopping or my dogs who I'm about ready to give away to a good home.

In the middle of all of my hassles though I did manage to tune it and watch the Inauguration. I didn't vote for Obama, but I don't hate him. I don't think he's a terrorist or the anti-Christ, or any of the other outlandish accusations that have been slung about. I hope he does well. I like him. I don't like his stand on some things which is why I voted for someone I didn't really care for but that's another story and ancient history now. Frankly I find the world-wide frenzy surrounding him a bit scary, but I truly hope he is all everyone hopes for. I DO think its VERY COOL that we have elected a black man as President. That is pretty amazing and something to celebrate.

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Kansas Bob said...

Echoing some of your thoughts on the new president and hoping your week gets better Amber.

Blessings, Bob