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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its Amazing Where a Youtube Video Will Take You

Today is a much slower day. In fact, I'm just sort of relaxing and trying to soak everything in. Saturday night when I was sitting at the Virginia Brewing Company watching everything unfold, I was struck by the complete absurdity of how things sometimes come to be. Never in my wildest would I have thought this up. This was nowhere near being on my "Things I Want To Do Before I Die" list. And yet, as I have said so many times, its amazing what happens when you let God run wild and don't put any restrictions on Him. And its always good. Some people may not understand or even agree with how I follow God but I have to follow Him the way I think He wants me to follow Him regardless of the opinions of others.

Today I am blessed, full, grateful, and amazed. And I'm ready to see where this wild ride will take me next. And I am so very grateful to have a husband who is supportive. I doubt that this was what he envisioned when he married me 25 years ago, but he has never ever wavered in his support. He didn't even blink an eye when I suggested a secular rock fest last year. And he seemed to fit right in at the Virginia Brewing Company Saturday night. I think that may have been his first time ever in a bar.

Crazy stuff. I am also very grateful for new friends in Winchester. Grateful and amazed. It was maybe a couple of years ago that I had posted a video about Pine Ridge on Youtube. I don't even remember which video it was, but I got a message from Brian Holt who introduced himself as the drummer for a rock band and asked for permission to post the video on their band's web site. Somehow we ended up emailing back and forth occasionally. Then while planning Rezonate '08 and booking bands, along came an email from him. I responded saying that it was strange to hear from on that particular day because I was in the process of contacting bands to play at the festival. I didn't think it would be possible for them to come up for it considering that we had no money and Winchester is a long way from Cincinnati. I mean really, who would pack up a band and equipment and travel that far for something that wasn't paying?? I couldn't even pay travel expenses for them. And yet, they came. They wouldn't even hear of me paying for their hotel rooms or gas. They were just happy to be involved. Crazy. In a world of mostly self-absorbed people, along comes a blue-collar rock band who is willing to go to extremes to give to help people they have never met.

And it didn't stop there ... next thing I knew Joe, their bass player emailed ... he had designed a bass guitar to be raffled off at another show and planned to give the proceeds to us. What on earth?!?! And as if that wasn't astounding enough, he then offered to design one for Rezonate.

They came, we took them to lunch, and at that lunch Brian Holt asked me what they needed most on the Rez. I said "heaters". I told him about the harsh winters and that the people heat with propane ... that the do receive a bit of assistance but not enough to fill their propane tanks even once and certainly not enough to fill them for the winter. I told him about a lady who having run out of both propane and fire wood, resorted to burning her couch for heat. That struck up something in him and he returned to Winchester and began putting together a benefit to raise money for heaters. And so that is how we came to Winchester, VA last weekend. It was crazy amazing. Great music to be sure. Great cause to be sure. And yet these things always go beyond the intended cause. I'm guessing about 50 families will have heat because of the efforts of 8 Lives Spent, Michael Fath, Brent Woodall and Tom Fitzgerald. Beyond that, relationships were formed. Conversations were had. People were touched. And I believe in the middle of it all, God revealed Himself.

*Thanks Brian Holt for your "ministry of whatever". You are amazing. Your hard work does not go unappreciated. Your generosity is unbelievable. If more people were like you the world would definitely be a better place.

** Thanks honey for being willing to step out of your comfort zone and go with me and for speaking for me. I'm shy, or so they think ;) I'm betting our church people would tell them to be glad I'm still in my shell.

*** Thanks to our church family who, though they may sometimes wonder what I've gotten myself into now, are always supportive.

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