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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Random Stuff

There's not a lot to say, which I guess is why I've been posting pics of my dogs. There's plenty going on .... this is the time of year that I get slammed with trying to get sponsors for Rezonate and book bands. So far, there are dozens of bands that want to play ... its a matter of trying to get the one's that I want to play. And there are never an abundance of sponsors. Mostly its a matter of knocking on a lot of doors and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting for someone to get back to you. And one thing hinges on another so I often find myself in a position of "This depends on that and that hasn't been confirmed yet so I can't do this yet but I need to do both asap". And the fun part is ... most of it is out of my control.

OK, if none of that made any sense, welcome to my world.

Then there is the usual family and church stress, the stress of having to put Jazz down, and so forth. So, January was not much fun - other than a trip to Winchester, VA, and February is not looking really great either.

Some good things are happening with Rezonate, but nothing that is confirmed yet so I can't say it out loud yet. ;) Cross your fingers and toes and pray ... cause if it happens ... it'll be HUGE!
I could only enter one photo in the iHeartFaces pet contest, but here is one of Taser so she doesn't feel left out. Gary and Tim - you guys are great photographers ... you should enter some stuff there. I'm betting you guys would win.

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hennhouse said...

Praying for HUGE. (I'm considering bringing the 12-year-old to Rezonate this year...)

And remember, His timing is perfect. Your worrying isn't going to speed things up.