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Friday, February 20, 2009


I've managed to color my hair and clean house today and dinner is almost done too, but I'm bored. Maybe antsy is a better description. I have lots to do but it all depends on the answers I get from other people .... so I'm waiting....

I'm thinking ...

  • My blog is boring and ugly. It really needs a cool banner or header thingy but I have no idea how to make one. I don't "get" photoshop. I've tried. It's the only program so far that I just can't figure out. Cody once tried to teach me. It was hopeless.

  • My dad got good news today! His PSA is down again! That's good. Its not where we'd like to see it, but it is an improvement. And the doc also told him that the neuropathy in his feet will likely go away after he completes all of the chemo treatments. That is really good news. At this point the neuropathy is so bad that he's not able to drive - its really not safe for him to try and he's very unsteady on his feet. (Neuropathy is one of the wonderful side-effects of chemo.) This has been a tough thing for him to deal with. Not all that long ago he was vibrant and healthy and doing things for other people. To have to rely on others to help him, is well ... quite an adjustment to say the least. So maybe this summer he'll be back to driving that new red Rav 4 again. Maybe his hair will grow back too and then he'll have to part with the new stylish hats he has taken to wearing. I have a feeling he'll still be wearing those hats though.

    I think he's going to opt for a lower dose of chemo once a week rather than the heavy duty stuff every 3 weeks from now on. He's getting some bad stuff. If he hadn't been so healthy to begin with, I'm not sure he would have survived it. Good thing he was in good shape. Of all the men who have prostate cancer, only 8% have it as bad as my dad. He needed the big bad dose to deal with it.

  • And mom ... well, she met with a new doc yesterday too. I would have loved to have a video of that little interaction. She'll shoot me for putting this on my blog but .... suffice it to say that she came out of the doctor's office stating that she did not like him and he did not like her. I believe she called him a "little punk". That's my mama.
  • Gunner is a sweet dog but I'm thinking its sad that he now answers to my nickname for him "booger butt" as often as he answers to Gunner.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Good news about your dad!!!

I don't get photoshop either. You can find a free banner online that is easy to install, you just add it like a photo. Google "free blog header" Or you can put your own pic up.

Kansas Bob said...

Great news about your dad.. thanks for keeping us posted.

Gary Means said...

Or, Gary could make one for you. Send me an email, describing what thoughts you have about the feel, the message, or whatever comes to mind. I may ask more questions to clarify, or I may send something for you to respond to. Would this be an imposition? Absolutely not! I would love to do it. All you have to do is send an email.

Gary Means said...

Great news about your dad.
Great stories about your mom and Gunner, both of which made me laugh.