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Friday, February 13, 2009

What a Crazy Small World

Yesterday I updated the Backpacks for Pine Ridge blog with this post (What does a Rock Band, a Bar, a Pastor's Wife, a Heating & Air Conditioning Guy, and Plumber Have in Common?) and was amazed when a few hours later I received an email from an officer at The Link Center Foundation. She was very excited to hear about all that we were doing for the Lakota people - especially in regard to heaters and expressed a lot of gratitude for us, 8 Lives Spent, Roy Hauser and Brody Jacobs (Brody you need a web site) for being involved in trying to make a difference in the lives of some very deserving people.

It was great to hear from her, to know that people are doing all they can to help educate the American public about what is happening right here in our own country. It was also really strange ... through her I discovered that the "stats" page on our web site was written by the president of the Link Center Foundation! Talk about a small world!

Just another strange happening in my day. :)

For anyone interested, here is a portion of her email that describes what they do.

Link Center Foundation is a non-profit all volunteer-run organization. We raise funds to provide emergency heating assistance for the elderly, ill, or disabled living on South Dakota's Indian Reservations. Most of our relief efforts serve those on Pine Ridge. This winter season we've helped over 220 families. But it's only a small dent. Hundreds of applications are still sitting on our desk, and contributions are only trickling in.


Michelle said...

Remember my new job is right across the street from VOA so if you need a place for a meeting or anything just let me know.

Gary Means said...

I think I still owe you an updated logo, with the new date or something. I'll check my emails and get it to you this weekend.