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Friday, February 20, 2009

You Know You're Aging When ...

You know you're getting older when the sex symbols you grew up with are looking a bit worse for the wear.
Being a junkie for this kind of thing, I couldn't resist clicking on the link that came up on AOL yesterday morning and seeing Pam Anderson strutting her stuff in a golden bathing suit at Richie Riche's fashion show. Apparently she was the last model and was supposed to be the big wow at the end.
From the comments on that article, I was not the only one who thought it was just sad. The once hot Baywatch babe and sex symbol is growing older just like the rest of us, but seems to be having some trouble accepting that she's no longer a hot young thing.
Not that she looks bad - she doesn't. Not at all. For a 41 year old mom of two, I'd say she looks pretty good with or without makeup. To be fair, I think the pic of her with makeup is one from a few years ago and has been airbrushed a good deal. Just somebody trying to emphasize the difference between makeup and no makeup but not really a fair comparison.
The thing that seems sad is when women, celebrity or not, have trouble accepting the aging process. It happens to all of us. It would be abnormal not to gain some extra pounds and wrinkles, and yet, its seems some women have a hard time accepting it (not me of course). I guess it just reveals itself more when the person is in the spotlight like Pam is. And I can only imagine how difficult it would be to have your whole identity wrapped up in being a sex symbol and then lose it by age 40. What do you do then? As hard as aging is for us average people, I imagine it is that much harder for celebrity women who have to glare of the spotlight on them all the time and the pressure to remain "hot" despite age. I mean, obviously not many want to see an aging Pam Anderson. That just wouldn't be right would it. It might shred our illusion of whatever it is we're trying to hold onto.
If you know me, you know how much I hate Barbie dolls. To me, they seem only to give little girls an impossible ideal to live up to. And maybe they are still giving us ageing women that same ideal - after all, Barbie is still runway ready at 50. :)
I have to go color my hair now ... the grey is starting to show.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I think you and I would look way better than Pam if we had her make-up artist and plastic surgeon. But of course we would be on stage with U2 not at some silly fashion show :)

Amber said...

You got that right! :)

David Cho said...

Barbie at 50. lol!

Acting your age is a good thing. It's just that it takes me 5 years to get it.