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Friday, March 06, 2009

Celtic Punk

While I'm sitting here waiting to get into my backyard (long story) so that I can begin some spring yard work I'll blog about the concert Brian and I went to the other night. I am now fully recovered by the way. I'm really too old for these late nights followed by an early morning. I think it was somewhere between midnight and 1am when we got home and got to bed and that wonderful invention the alarm clock went off at 5am.
It was an interesting night. The music was tolerable with the exception of the second warm up band who resembled a bunch of high school boys who thew a band together. I was almost bored into a coma before they finally left the stage. The Dropkick Murphys were good - even for me, and I'm not all that fond of them. Definitely better live, as are most bands. There were lots of mohawks, tattoos, and guys in skirts, or make that kilts. Surprisingly, we were not the oldest people there but I'd guess the average age to be around 25 years old. I wasn't sure what to expect since I'm not familiar with the band and its been years since I went to a major rock concert - lots of years.
Brian enjoyed it! Can you believe my gray haired, conservative, preacher husband enjoyed being there? He did however keep asking if they had popcorn. He's such a rock concert virgin.
He'll get used to it ... U2 is about to tour.


Gary Means said...

Amber, I posted one of their vids on my music blog. As I said there, I still can't believe that Brian is into these guys.


Kansas Bob said...

You guys are my heroes.. way to go!