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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not THAT Station

A couple people have sent emails asking if the rock station I referred to in my earlier post is that one station that has a reptile associated with it. No, it is not that station. Although ... I doubt very much if they knew that FROG means Fully Relying on God. :)

*I'm not a big fan of those little Christian sayings and such, but I simply couldn't resist that one.


hallga77 said...


I'm glad you cleared that up. I hadn't thought of frogs as reptiles. (I think they're amphibians).

I was thinking "Rattlesnake Radio" with the slogan "Don't Tread On Me" would be so much cooler than the frog thing anyway but I guess that's the ten year old boy in me.


Amber said...


I think you're right. I never paid much attention in biology class...or any other class for that matter. I figured anything green and icky is a reptile. :)

Rattlesnake radio ... hmmm ... that WOULD fit with the Rez thing...