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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Professional Hoop Jumper

Just some updates for anyone bored enough to read. :)

  • My dad. My dad did not have a chemo treatment in March. The neuropathy was so bad that the doctor was afraid he would not be able to walk if he had it, so they 've put that off. Next week he'll get another PSA to see if they will do the next treatment or wait a while longer. On top of everything else - he now has shingles.

  • Brian - is still sick. And he's such a baby when he's sick. He definitely has a "man cold" ... or in this case bronchitis.

  • REZonate. Its coming along. I've been putting in some really long days getting things set up so we can promote the event. We now have 1300+ local "friends" on the REZonate Myspace page. That is SOOO time consuming but its like handing 1300+ people a flyer and its FREE, so its worth it... I guess. We're adding about 100 people a week so I figure by the time August gets here .... we'll have quite a few local folks to start getting the word out to.

  • I met with the radio station on Wednesday. I was disappointed in the results of that meeting but let's just say that I'm not giving up easily and they've not heard the last of me yet. I'll keep you posted. :)
  • I'm working through what seems like a few hundred snags we've run into with the Bike Run. I'm sure it will all work out and I hope to have some really good news to share soon. Everything takes SOOOO long and there are SOOO many hoops to jump through. I"m about to decide that's what I am - a professional hoop jumper.

  • Be sure your sins will find you out. I went to see Crue Fest at the Rave theater last night. I went alone.... didn't think anyone else I knew would be even mildly interested in that. I must say it was good to see one of my favs Sixx A.M. on the big screen. I could have well done without Buckcherry though .. Sheesh... that was like leaning over and seeing something out of the pit of hell. They managed to make Motley look like church choir boys. Funny - they were the band that actually joined hands and prayed before they went on stage.

  • While I was there - the above mentioned radio station was there promoting the event. And first in line at the movie was one of the guys in one of the bands that are playing at REZonate. The above mentioned radio station had us all come down to the front to have our picture taken for their web site. Somehow I ended up next to the guy from the band that will be playing. He didn't know me of course since we've only "talked" via email. I should have introduced myself because he would have known my name, but being shy (yes, I really am shy), I didn't. Anyway ... I try to sneak out and go to a rock show without telling anyone and of course, I end up on their web site.

  • Cody is off taking a group from Cru (a different crue than previously mentioned in this post) to Panama City for Spring Break

  • Logan is getting ready to see his best friend off to the Marines on Monday. They went muddin' the other night and got stuck for 5 hours. Funny thing - they had to call a girl to rescue them. :)

  • We got pics back ... I'll only post this one of the dogs. Everyone will have to wait to see the others.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Bored? I loved this!!

First, I am sorry your dad's having a rough time, I hope his PSA comes back with good news.

I like taking care of sick men. That in itself sounds sort of sick. I'm sure if I were married to one, I'd get sick of it fast.

I would have went to Crue Fest with you! Its so fun that we share many rock men in common....Nikki being one of them. I like some of Buckcherry's music but know nothing about them, that was interesting to hear. Hmmmm.

HA! They had to call a girl! HA!

Love the pic of the dogs! How on earth did you get them to sit still for that? Looking forward to more pics!

hallga77 said...


We will pray for Cliff. Brian well...

You are,perhaps,shier than Deb.

As for The Crue (can't find the umlaut key) there is a cure for that - Cruex.

They probably had to call the girl because she, like my wife,had the Ford pickup.(insert smiley face here)