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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Walmart Hoax

In recent days I've been told by a few people not to shop at Walmart because there is a rumor that there is a gang initiation going on there in which the new gang member has to kill women at Walmart. When my delirious husband first informed me about it Thursday night I figured it was a hoax. In fact, I seem to recall hearing something like this a year or more ago and didn't figure any respectable gang would allow such information to leak out anyway. So, I ignored it. Even if it were true I'm not going to let some punk kid keep me from grocery shopping. If they kill me, they kill me. I'm ready to go so its all good. I might however be mad enough to take one of them with me.

Tonight I decided to check it out and yes, it is a hoax. Click here

I don't get too alarmed about things like this anyway. Life is dangerous and we're surrounded by incredibly evil people all the time so its not really news. Happy shopping everybody.


Kansas Bob said...

Amazing how many emails I get each week with the latest hoax or conspiracy theory. I usually respond with the facts but some continue to believe the lie.. mind boggling.

karin said...

It's not enough that gangs can come up with their own terrifying ideas, now others have to put ideas into their heads. I'm like you, anything can happen anywhere, anytime and I won't give into fear. May life is in God's hands.

Gary Means said...

About 10-15 years ago the rumor was that gang members drove around with their lights off to find victims. The unfortunate driver who flashed their lights at them to let them know was the initiate's target for their first kill. How do these things get started?

Fortunately, my little suburban city of 5,000 has only had one gang-related murder in the past 20 years that I know about. It was a few months ago, when gang members visiting a relative in our community felt they had been disrespected by a local teen. They shot him down through the window of the community center. Senseless.

The Walmart near us seems relatively safe to me even though it's in a neighboring city with 67,005 citizens, 25% of whom live below the poverty level. There are gangs there.

This made me curious, so I did a google on the number of street gangs in our area. There are 30 to 60 active street gangs in the greater Seattle area, including the suburbs where I live.

Interesting quote: "Though Seattle remains a hub for gang activity, gentrification and housing costs are pushing gangs into new territory — cities like Kent, Auburn, Federal Way and SeaTac — where a growing number of suburban kids are being lured into the gang lifestyle...We've got white kids who are members of Hispanic gangs and Asian kids who are members of black gangs. We've got poor kids, middle-class kids and even some rich kids," Morales said.

I grew up in Tacoma, WA, where the CHicago gang, BGD, Black Gangster Disciples, or Black Gangster Disciple Nation, is dominant. Crazy world.

Sorry for the rambling. You got me thinking.

Michelle said...

Alyssa may ask you at church on Sunday why I just said the following, "I sure hope if someone grabs Amber at Walmart they are prepared for what they are grabbing." Carl agreed! You go girl!