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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dogs & Husbands ... Gotta Love 'em

Midnight last night - I went to bed.

3:00 AM - I awake to our dog Gunner pounding insanely on his crate, obviously wanting out.

3:10 AM - Deciding that there was no chance of sleep until I let the dog out I got up to see about him

3:11 AM - Immediately upon letting the dog out he peed. A lot. Looking at me the the whole time as if to say, "Sorry, I just couldn't hold it till I got outside". He continuied peeing for a long time. I was unaware that dogs could hold that much pee.

3:15 AM - Once he was finished I got a towel and cleaned up the mess and put him back in his crate

3:20 AM - Now that I'm fully awake I crash on the couch and hope for sleep to return.

3:55 AM - Still trying to get back to sleep

4:00 AM - Brian comes downstairs to make coffee - Are you kidding, WHO gets up at 4Am??

4:05 AM - Deciding that there was no chance for sleep on the couch I return upstairs to bed

4:40 AM - Still trying to get back to sleep

5:00 AM - Brian comes into the bedroom, opens the bathroom door turns on all the lights and starts the shower to let the water get hot. He then walks around the bedroom taking his vitamins and making as much noise as possible.

5:03 AM - I yell, "Can you at least shut the door??" He replies, "OH, you're in here!"

5:30 AM - Still waiting for Brian to finish his morning routine so I can have a chance of getting back to sleep

5:40 AM - He finishes and leaves the bedroom - finally. He leaves the bathroom door open and the light on. Arrrgghhhh!!

5:42 AM - I decide not to go to the trouble of getting out of bed to turn the light off. I pull the covers up over my head and try to go back to sleep.

5:45 AM - I hear it. The infamous pounding coming from downstairs. I assume its the dog - again.

5:47 AM - Knowing I have no chance for sleep until I deal with the dog I get up and tromp downstairs only to find that the noise is my husband cracking boiled eggs that he made the other day. He cheerily greets me with a "Good morning! Can I have a kiss?" I think I growled at him. I might have kissed him. I don't remember.

5:50 AM - Taking no chances I let the dog out of his crate and me and the dog both go back upstairs crawl in bed and FINALLY go back to sleep.

9:00 AM - I awake to a dog trying to lick my face off.

Its gonna be a good day.


Gary Means said...

This is wonderful. Well, not the part about you having to experience it, just the good story part of it. And I get up at 4:00 every day that I go to work. God isn't even up yet at that hour.

Cat said...

Oh man I think I lived this morning once or twice before!!