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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Drinking on the AU Campus

Here is a story about a protest some Anderson University students recently pulled off. For those who may not know, Anderson University is the First Church of God university in Anderson, IN.

What are your thoughts?

I only have a few thoughts ...

1. How can the school monitor what students do when they are off campus or away on breaks?? As someone who attended AU for a while back in the early 80's I happen to know that students in fact do drink when they're off campus so it really seems like a non-issue to me. (No, it wasn't me.)

2. I wonder if C.S. Lewis would have been disciplined for drinking if he were on the AU campus?

3. These kids knew what the rules were before they chose to attend there so why agree to abide by the rules and then whine about it. Anderson is a pretty high priced school so I'm sure there were other educational options for these kids - cheaper ones at that.

4. Surely these students could find something more important to protest. Considering all the true injustice in the world, not being able to drink would be pretty far down on my list of things to cry out about.

5. It seems funny to me that they arranged the march to the bar at 10 am and then couldn't bring themselves to drink at that hour. :) I wonder what the people who ran the bar thought?


Kansas Bob said...

Fundamentalism seem to be alive and well at AU.. surprised that they are protesting openly.. most fundie kids protest in secret.. at parties.

Amber said...

Ha ha! Good to see that they're willing to think for themselves ... I just wish they would put that to use on something that actually mattered. But then, maybe drinking matters that much to them, eh?