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Friday, April 03, 2009

I Hate To Sweat

I've been slamming busy this week. Monday and Tues I was sick so Wednesday I got crackin' and worked 6 hours on a project on my computer - only to lose it. Insufficient memory to save. I know, I know, I should always save as I work. But I didn't so there. I lost it all and had to start the project all over. And since there is a deadline, I missed church to try to catch up. I had an ox in the ditch that needed tending to.

Tonight a bunch of folks are coming over to help fill and pack 500 backpacks that will go to the Rez. Maybe I'll video tape it and post it. Should be fun.

SO ... I normally don't clean house a lot. I do the essential stuff every week but there's a lot of gunk that builds up. But since people are coming over tonight I've spent the last two days cleaning. No, my house is still not perfectly clean. In fact, I've not even made it upstairs yet. It's reasonably clean. I used to be a perfectionist but gave it up because it drove me crazy. And so, as I clean I remember how much I hate it. I sweat a lot when I clean. I hate to sweat. I dn't exercise because I don't like to sweat. As I type this I'm sitting at my desk with all the windows open to cool off for a bit before I hit it again. Its 46 degrees out and it feels pretty good from where I'm sitting. I'm glad I don't clean house a lot. I mean, it's just a house right? It will one day be a pile of dust. My goal is to outlive it. I do envy people who have really clean houses but God bless 'em if they have to work this hard to keep it that way. I can think of better things to do with my time.

OK, back to work. Then its off to shower so I can work up a sweat again tonight. And I'm betting by Sunday the house is a mess again. Crazy.

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