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Monday, April 27, 2009

More Good News and Another BUSY Week

We got good, no make that great news yesterday. Eliot Sloan will be back for REZonate this year. Last year he just blew everybody away. What a voice! After he sang "Light in Your Eyes" everyone was pretty much speechless. And he's SO sweet and kind, and HUMBLE. He is truly a "star" with 8 #1 songs and his music is played in lots of movies and TV shows including Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, but he was so sweet. Just a truly humble guy who was willing to come to a benefit and play until 10:30 in the evening when he had to be in Falls Church, VA the next day for a show with Blessid Union of Souls. I can tell ya I've talked to far lesser known people who had nothing but demands for special treatment. I have to fight the urge to remind them that nobody knows them.

Karyn Williams will be back too. Her dad is the senior vice president of the Orlando Magic and father of 19 multi-cultural children. She's a singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice. What the heck, SHE'S beautiful - a former Miss University of Fla. and runner up in the Miss Fla. Pageant. She has a brand new book out with her dad called The Takeaway. Its very inspirational book that talks about the life-lessons she learned (took away) from her relationship with her father. Look for her on Good Morning America, the 700 Club, and the Delilah Radio Show soon!

Yesterday I did a presentation about our work project on the Rez this year. It was cool. I've always believed that people really do care and really do want to help other people if they just know what is needed. Yesterday proved that. The first picture of Melda's place came up on the screen and you could hear the collective "gasp" across the congregation. We've had lots of response too. One that was particularly touching was a man who has been without work for some time offered some electrical cable. He said he had it in his basement and was thinking of stripping it and selling it for the copper but he thought this would be a better use for it. I know this family has been struggling to make ends meet and probably could really use the money from that copper themselves. Michelle is another friend was inspired to have a shower for Melda - what's a new kitchen without new pots and pans and kitchen stuff?? :)

Last week Ameridian Specialty Services donated all of the roofing and siding to us for the project. The thing is - they already are in the very top level of sponsorship for REZonate and now they came to me and volunteered to give even more for Melda's place.

The generosity of people never fails to just blow me away.

The week was not without its problems. In fact, if you're the praying kind, then your prayers would be especially appreciated for a situation that cannot be named here for the sake of the safety of those involved. Yes, it could be serious.

This week looks to be just as busy. Along with the hectic pace of all things Pine Ridge, we have word that my uncle will probably pass away in the next few days. He's a good man but has suffered for a long time. I will post about a special memory of him soon.

On a happier note, I'm looking forward to a visit from Brian's sister who we've not seen in a long time and rarely ever get to see.

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