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Thursday, April 16, 2009

They Say Life Comes at You Fast ... No Kidding

Things happen fast sometimes. We're in the middle of pulling together materials we will need for the trip to the Rez this summer. It seems like a long way off, but we only have 2 more crew meeting before we leave and there's plenty to do. Now is when we start buying supplies and wrapping up final plans.

I'm really excited about our work project his year. We're building an addition on to an elderly lady's house. Her "kitchen" is a lean-to that has holes in the ceiling, floor and walls and no door. We'll be tearing that off and rebuilding a 12'x16' room in its place and trying to get water into her home. Dennis is in charge of the project and yesterday he gave me the list of materials we will need. I posted it and within a few hours I had an email from someone with quite a few of the items listed. And then my mom got on Craig's List and found a lot of the lumber we will need for about half the price of what we would pay at a store. SO ... in about an hour I'll be heading to Lebanon with my dad and Dennis to buy lumber for her house!

I've been walking around Target buying a few things for the prizes for the games the kids will play while trading phone calls with different people trying to work this all out. Today has been one of those days that I'm taking things hour by hour. Its fun. And btw, I couldn't resist buying some water balloons. :)

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