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Monday, May 11, 2009

All Kinds of Cool Stuff

OK, where to begin ....

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Got a Facebook message from my youngest and a text from my oldest. Later got some flowers and a movie from my youngest as well and a gift certificate to a bookstore from the dogs. I'm amazed that they gave me a gift card to a bookstore ... I was sure they were jealous of the time I spend reading when I should be playing with them. I survived church and all the ridiculous hoopla about Mother's Day that drives me up the wall. I did consider ramming a pencil though my eye at one point, but I restrained myself. I think we forget sometimes that Mother's Day is an American thing and not a bible thing. I feel bad for all the people there who did not have good mothers who have to hear it and feel completely overlooked. Seems if we have to focus on either Mom or Dad we could minister to those folks who missed out on what should have been and never was.

Also got good news today ... I think one of my favorite Cincy artists will be at Rezonate again this year. I won't mention any names yet, but yes, Josh, if you're reading here, its your friend and yes, you can introduce him.

I'm thinking of upgrading my cell phone. It'll be a while - gotta save up the bucks for it. It would be SO nice to have my calendar, Word documents, Excel documents, and To Do lists, contacts, and phone all in one place. It would also be nice to have a full keyboard for texting since that's how I talk to my kids - sometimes even when Logan is at home. Strange world we live in. It would also be nice to be able to blog from the Rez this summer and keep everyone back home up to date about what's going on there.

And I've got this crazy whacked out idea... Ever seen these sumo suits?? They are hilarious! I'm thinking the teenagers on the Rez would LOVE tand we would love watching them. They are expensive, but we're below budget on some things and I think we could swing it. I'm a bit concerned that they might get damaged so I called the company and they assured me that they do not charge for damage that is repairable. I didn't tell them that sometimes the kids are armed. :) Seriously though, I think it'll be ok.

Its been SO cool to see how people are coming together for Melda too. We have SO much stuff donated - all of the roofing, the siding, a pre-hung steel door, windows, and some of the girls at church are going to have a shower for her to fill her kitchen with new things to go in the kitchen. And today a lady who found me via blogging send $150.00 for Melda's project. Who'd have thunk it? My sister-in-law is going to make curtains for her too. My sis-in-law is a really gifted seamstress who makes wedding dresses and has worked on some dresses that stars wear to red carpet gigs. Melda has no idea we're doing all of this. She knows about the room addition but not all the other stuff.

Yeah, I love my life. :)

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Michelle said...

I have not had much time to read my favorite blogs so I'm just now reading this, I needed a helper for Mother's Day in my classroom I should have grabbed you...I would have poked my eyeball out instead of sitting in church on Mother's Day....