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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Do you ever go to church and wonder why we do the things we do there? Sometimes I go and come home wondering if anything we did really had anything at all to do with Jesus. I wonder how much of what we do, we do because its the way we've always done it? I wonder if that is the "traditions of men" that Jesus warned about? (Mark 7) I wonder if we limit our effectiveness for Christ because we are uncomfortable with anything that is different? I wonder if the Creator is so un-creative that He can't inspire new ways of worshipping Him? I wonder sometimes who or what it is we're really following.
I'm not saying we should ditch all traditions. I like traditions. I might at times even be one of those people who don't like you're new idea. But I think traditions are really only just tools and not the real thing.

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Kansas Bob said...

Good thoughts Amber.. reflective of my own.