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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How Do I Get Into These Situations??

I had an idea today.

I need to stop having those.

You see, this year the theme for VBS on the Rez is "the Olympics". Now normally I like to pick a theme that involves something tangible the kids can dress up in or something. The Olympics is a bit hard to do that with. Other than a medal or so, there's really nothing tangible that reinforces the lessons. SO I've been thinking of what I can do about that.

I managed to find some information about some very inspiring American Indian athletes that have competed in/won the Olympics. I love their stories about how they overcame some pretty tough circumstances to achieve their dreams. I thought, "now that's a message the kids need to hear - not to let their circumstances determine their future".

SO I began to think about how to incorporate that into VBS. My first thought was trading cards since its a "sports" theme.

I looked into it and there are a number of companies that will do that for ya - for a price. And when you're thinking about making 4 cards for 150 kids, that prices is way out of our range.

SO, maybe I could make the trading cards myself. But that would mean printing them all out, cutting them, and gluing the fronts to the backs of the cards. Sounds like a LOT of work. Very time consuming work. It COULD be done, and I haven't thrown that idea out yet, but I've gotta say I'm not liking it much.

SO I was talking to Cody who suggested we do BIG trading cards - one of each, and display them somewhere. Now I LIKE that idea. I'm sure Kinkos would be happy to print them out for a much lesser price and we could mount them on foam board and display them.

BUT .... where to display them?? There really isn't any one place out there where the kids congregate. They would probably go unnoticed and that would mean that we would have spent $ for no good reason.

SO, I'm still debating that.

In the meantime, I began thinking that we really DO need SOMETHING to signify the theme. Maybe a BIG banner that says, "WELCOME TO OLYMPIC VILLAGE" as they enter the kitchen for lunch??

SO I began researching that and found several companies that would do that - for a price. Honestly, I don't think we can spare $40 for a banner that really serves very little purpose.

SO I began thinking that maybe I could make a banner.

I set it up. I printed it out. Had to use regular paper because my printer doesn't like banner paper, but that's OK ... I can cut and tape them together... right?

SO I cut and taped.

Then I thought, "This looks a little boring. It really needs a bright background. AND it will not last long so it should be covered with clear contact paper to make it a bit more durable."

SO I headed off to Walmart and behold what did I find - bright red wrapping paper! I bought it and a roll of clear contact paper and came home to set to work.

BUT, working with a 5 foot section of sticky stuff (contact paper) proves to be much more challenging than it sounded.

That's about the time Brian came home, stopped suddenly at the door and said, "Oh, you have a project going..." He hesitated, unsure whether or not he should enter the house. He finally came in stifling a giggle. When I asked him what was so funny, he just said, "This reminds me of something I would see on I Love Lucy.

SO, I'm thinking that maybe these kids don't really need decorations. Maybe I should ditch the trading card idea too. They don't really need to be inspired, do they? I'm really thinking that just playing on the playground sounds like a good thing to me.

*note to self: NEVER allow the team to override my original "theme" idea again.

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hallga77 said...


I guess you weren't having a "banner day".

Maybe you could get a bugler to play Leo Arnaud's "Bugler's Dream" or have a boom box to play it at least.

The torch ceremony has a lot of symbolism. You could get one of those fake torch things that use a fan to blow red material up in the air.

Looooseeee, you can make it work.