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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Some Little Things That Make Me Happy

Got this from Michelle. These are just a few things that make me happy, (husband and kids aside). In no particular order ....


Nikki Sixx's photography

Every photo he does is though provoking

Sitting on my porch drinking iced tea and watching my flowers grow

OK, this is in serious need of some color. I've got to get to Berns and get some flowers for my big pot


Getting away to a cabin in beautiful Hocking Hills

Coffee in my favorite mug

My rock garden
I love the contrast of the stone and dainty flowers

my babies

my Jeep

in the summer you can take the top off and feel the wind on your face,

in the winter snow is never a problem.

It does drink gas. A lot of gas. But I'm the little old lady who only

drives to the grocery store and church so its all good

my Sunday school (hate that term) class

we're not your typical Sunday school class,

we're small,

but we have a lot of fun.

Last Sunday we were all laughing so hard we cried

Lie to Me - a great new show on FOX

What little things in life make you happy?


hallga77 said...


After reading the post about the Sunday School class (which I missed) that you were all laughing till you cried I had to send you a picture I have hanging by my computer.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Amber, this is a great post, I loved it. It also reminded me of some of our common interests - Nikki, Bono, Keith, Johnny...oh my its all about the boys isnt' it :) just kidding.

My list:
My pets
My laptop
my nephew
the ocean
More music

Michelle said...

I love your list and isn't Berns the best place ever?

HennHouse said...

OMG!!! Some of your favorite things are my favorite things, too!!!


And I LOVE sitting on the deck or outside somewhere enjoying nature. And I love sitting in rocking chairs ANYWHERE.

Reading... I just love reading.

And MUSIC... I introduced the kids to Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Winger, and Whitney Houston (we were in the W's and it took us an hour to get to therapy). (In retrospect, perhaps Whitesnake is not appropriate for a puberty-stricken, ever-so-in-love 12-year-old.)

And my kids... there just isn't anything like holding my kids.

I know you love your Brian, but I could spend HOURS with my Tim just talking and laughing.