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Monday, June 15, 2009

Do Short-Term Mission Trips Really Make a Difference? (Part 1)

I've had this on my mind to blog about for some time. Every now and then I hear it from someone - the idea that short-term mission trips really don't do any good. One person left the following comment on our trip video on Youtube.

"short term mission trips are really a waste of time, if you want to do
something that lasts, give up your life, like Jesus said...go take up
residence~! Short term-ers are feel good-ers, that really never have a lasting
impact. I know, I live on a Rez. Its more about YOU than them."

It might surprise you that as a leader of short-term mission trips, I tend to agree with this person ...depending on the circumstances.

It's very easy to sign up to go on a mission trip, see the need first hand and be touched to our core, come home and then slowly be lulled back into complacency by the demands of everyday life. While the experience is never forgotten, it does seem to get further and further from our awareness. At that point, what we experienced was simply a feel-good vacation. We were just travelers through someone else's world and never really let the experience become a part of us. And that is when I agree that it is more about US than them.

So why go? Because I believe that short-term mission trips CAN make a difference. I'll blog more about that in my next post.

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hallga77 said...

The spirit of the "Church Lady" lives!

While I admire them for their sacrifice I can't help but hear "We think we're a little bit superior" between the lines.