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Monday, June 22, 2009

Girl Power

We're supposed to bring a hammer along on the Pine Ridge trip and since a hammer is not something I generally use, I headed out to the hardware store to see what I could find. Did you know they have hundreds of hammers. Different sizes of hammers. Different colors of hammers. Different weights of hammers. And different kinds of ends on hammers. Who would have figured?? I'm not sure what all of them are for and frankly, can't imagine that some of them are all that necessary. Seems to me a hammer is a hammer, but what do I know? One was quite big and black and had a skull and crossbones on it. I guess that one is meant to do some serious damage.
I bought a pink one. If I'm going to be doing construction work I figured it might help me retain some shred of my femininity. Of course, anyone would only have to watch me use a hammer to know that I hammer like a girl. Fact is, I can't hammer a nail in straight to save my life. But I'll give it a good try. It'll probably take me a good 10 minutes for me to get one in and I'll beat the wood half to death doing it. Good things I didn't get the skull and crossbones one. Hmm ...maybe we'd better buy some more wood. Not sure the supply we have will survive my hammering attempts.
I also bought a tool belt and some safety glasses. My tool belt will hold my camera and video camera. And my pink hammer. I have a bullhorn too. Hey, at least I'll look like I know what I'm doing.
It's been a long time since I've done construction work. We did some of that when we went to Romania. Now that was a great trip. Me and four men went there and poured a cement floor and did other odds and ends work on a building that was used to house street kids. Being the only female on the trip and walking around in coveralls doing construction work was quite an experience for this stay-at-home mom. Every evening in the van on the way back to where we were staying I would get my nail clippers out and start digging out the dirt from under my nails. The guys gave me a hard time about that, but I had to do something to feel like a girl. I mean seriously, I didn't even get to shave my legs for 2 weeks. At one point we even discussed that on the last day we could all roll our pants legs up and put our legs together and take a picture and let the people back home try to figure out who's leg was who's.
How do I get into these situations again??


hallga77 said...

I can see you all standing around the fire singing not "Kumbaya" but " If I Had A Hammer".

hallga77 said...

I meant to tell you I enjoyed your Cincy pics.

Gary Means said...

Oh, Amber. You make me laugh! That image, comparing legs. Too funny.