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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farrah

I was at the guys softball game last night when I heard the news about Michael Jackson. I thought they were kidding. Such a shock ...and in the same day as Farrah.

Despite the controversies about Michael, his musical genius was undeniable. It was impossible to take your eyes off him when he performed. I always felt bad for Michael. He seemed like such a sad character who could never find peace with himself. I've wondered how much someone has to hate themselves to do the things he did to himself. And I felt bad that people called him a freak. Things were printed and said in the media that should not be said about anyone. So it seems like a sad ending for a sad life.

I have to be honest. I never got the whole Farrah thing. Probably because I'm a woman. She was not my favorite "Angel". I always thought Jaclyn Smith was the truly gorgeous one. Jaclyn was gorgeous, Kate was cute, and Farrah was sexy (probably why I never 'got' it when it came to her). I also don't get that Ryan O'Neil asked her to marry him at the end?? They were together for 20 years and had a child together. So what's up with waiting till she's on her death bed to propose? None of my business. People can do what they want, but if I were on my death bed and a guy who I'd been with for 20 years finally proposed I think I'd have to wonder.

So two of the icons I've grown up with are gone on the same day. I'm starting to feel old.


Blasé said...

Come on now, no need for you to start "feeling Old" and all.

My wife is 58 and I'm 47. She runs circles around me.

Roms 8:28

Gary Means said...

I think Michael was a brilliant, enormously talented, very troubled boy in a grown-man's body. It's terrible that his parents screwed up his childhood so terribly.

As for Farrah, oh man, that 1976 red swimsuit poster with the perfect blonde hair and the incredible smile was so hot back then! I was 22 at the time and I kept seeing that poster in other guys' apartments. If I remember correctly, we even had one up in our office at work. Now that's something that wouldn't happen now. I'm sure the big draw for fantasizing young men was the fact that her nipples weren't airbrushed out like they usually did back then.

Jaclyn was beautiful, yes. But kind of cold. And then her apparel line for K-Mart really did in any sex appeal she might have had.