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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another Day; More Cool Stores and a Great Idea

Here are a few snippets from my day ...

Got an email from a lady on the Rez asking for 300 backpacks for the kids in her village. I had talked to her earlier and was waiting to hear back to see how many she needed. The only problem is - we only had 250 for her. We have 150 going to one village & 100 going to another which only left 250 for her. I hate the thought of 50 kids being left out. SO ... I tried to figure out a way to get the other 50. I sent out requests on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and the Backpacks blog. Don't ya know .... within a short time a good friend replied and said, "count me in for the $50". Turns out someone had unexpectedly given him $50 today so he passed it on. Amazing.

A package also came today. I wasn't sure what it might be. I order lots of stuff for the trip, but so far everything I had ordered was accounted for. I didn't recognize the box either. Hmmm... I brought it in and opened it and found a large cast iron skillet, dishtowels, dish clothes, and cooking utensils. All for Melda. From a total stranger who happened to read about it on a blog. This same sweet lady recently send $150 to help build Melda's kitchen. I was totally not expecting more from her. Wow...

Talked to a friend tonight who has recently stopped smoking. To reward herself she had some plans for a class. (Don't worry I won't embarrass you Cathy) We talked and ended up talking seriously about taking a Motorcycle Safety class. Its hilarious just to think about it. But ya know ... we may just do it.

So the day ended with us laughing hysterically about us riding bikes and me telling her about how we rode on the back of motorcycles in Haiti. Imagine a bunch of white women in dresses on the back of motorcycles driven by Haitian men riding through the steets of a Haitian village ... yeah, it was that funny.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hi Amber, I think I accidentally donated $1 ! If so it was an error.

I will figure it out.