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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Push Uphill

Yep, that's what this week has felt like. EVERYTHING has been a battle this week. It started with a long meeting on Sunday and got harder.
So here's the deal ....

All of us who are involved in either the Pine Ridge mission trip or the REZonate Music Fest would really appreciate your prayers.
Money has been a big issue. Health is another.
As it stands right now, I've got two team members who are both irreplaceable hard workers but who hare having a lot of difficultly making their payments for the trip. As a team we started off $1800.00 in the red because we lost two team members after the registration deadline. We recouped $800 of that by picking up another team member. Now with the two team members having difficulty paying, we're back to being about $1500.00 in the red. That in a year when expenses are more than ever because we're building a kitchen for Melda.
Add to that, we started out with a small team. In reality, we're too small of a team to really do what we've got to do BUT now we have two team members who are having serious physical problems and may not be able to either go, or work if they can go. I hate to think that they will be in pain the whole time we're there. That's more than anyone should ask for. Did I mention that we have a lot more work this year than usual?
So, we're doing more with less. A lot more. With a lot less. I'm hoping we don't bring every team member back on stretchers this year. These are all good people. They are people who are willing to give up personal vacation time to go live in some ROUGH situations in order to help people. Any one of them could be on a beach somewhere but have chosen to go give of themselves to others knowing full well that they'll be putting in 16 hour days of hard labor.
And then there's REZonate. There is an important meeting tonight. Pray!

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